Name dropping

This is a list of people I met and  at least had a drink and a conversation with.

Al Cromwell
Alan MacCrae
Alan Murphy
Alex Cameron
Andrew Cochrane
Ann Dunn
Ann Murray
Anthony Perkins
Austin Clarke
Billy Connolly
Bill Hawkins
Bill Marshall
Billy Joe Shaver
Barry Callaghan
Bart Schoales
Ben Mink
Bernadette Andrews
Bernie Fiedler
Bernie Finklestein
Bernie Taupin
Billy Joe Shaver
Blair MacLean
Bob Miller
Bob Rogers
Bobby Levant
Bonnie Raitt
Brant (Barney) Frayne
Brian Orser
Bruce Cockburn
Bucky Berger
Budge Crawley
Burton Cummings
Cannonball Adderly
Carol Robinson
Catherine O'Hara
Cayle Chernin
Cathy Young
Charlie Pachter
Chick Roberts
Chuck Loriot
Charlie Mingus
Coleen Peterson
Conway Twitty
Dan Akroyd
Dan Hill
Danny Marks
David Blustein
David Crombie
David Cronenberg
David Goldberg
David Milne
David Mirvish
David Whiffen
Dawn Cree
Dee Higgins
Dennis Burton
Dennis Delorme
Dennis MacIntosh
Diane Heatherington
Diane Lawerence
Dick Nolan
Dickie Moore
Dick Smothers
Don Owen
Donald Sutherland
Donnie McDougall
Donny Walsh
Duncan MacPherson
Dusty Miller
Dr. Louis Goldberg
Duke Redbird
Ed Mirvish
Elizabeth Ashely
Eric Clapton's band (not Eric)
Eric Idle
Eric Nestorenko
Freddie Pompili
Fraser Finlayson
Frank Mahovalich
Frank Shuster
Franz Russell
Frenchy McFarlane
Gary Kendall
Gary MacLean
Gary Rideout
Gentle Giant (the Band)
George Hamilton IV
George Tidball
Geza Kovacs
Glen(Big G)Walters
Gordon Rayner
Gordon Lighfoot
Gordon Tootoosis
Graham Coughtry
Hank Williams Junior
Harry Hibbs
Henk Van der Kolk
Helen Shaver
Henri Richard
Henri Fix
Howard Duff
Hugh Petrie
Hunter S. Thompson
Ian Tyson
Jack Backstrom
Jack Bush
Jack Webster
Jann Poldass,
Jay Bell Redbird
Jennifer Martin
Jerry Reed
Jerry Jeff Walker
Jesse Frayne
Jim Jones
Jimmy Warburton
Joann Lewis
Joe Flaherty
Joe Hall
John Allen Cameron
John Candy
John Clement
John Hillerman
John MacGregor
John Marshall
John Martin (Czowski producer)
John Merideth
John Prine
Joni Mitchell
June Callwood
Judy Welch
Jules Dassin
Karl Bevridge
Kathy Smith
Keith Glass
Keith Morrison
Kenneth Welsh
Kenny Wells
Ken Lywood
Kid Bastien
Kid Thomas Valentine
Kitty Wells
Knowlton Nash
Krash Radcliff
Lance Bennett
Larry Goodhand
Larry Zolf
Lee Majors
Leon Redbone
Leonard Cohen
Lesley MacDonell(St.Nicholas)
Lou Miles
Louis Nelson
Machel Titlebaum
Marc Jordan
Marcus O'Hara
Martin Mull
Mary Margret O'Hara
Maury Chaykin
Max Legatt
Meadowlark Lemon
Mel Lastman
Melina Mercouri
Michael Ironside
Michael MacDonald
Michael McClear
Michael Snow
Michael Wilson
Michelle Finney
Michael Sarrazin
Mick Jagger
Mickey Handy
Milton Acorn
Miles Davis
Morgan Vice
Murray McLauchlan
Myrna Lorrie
Nancy Hazelgrove
Nat Adderly
Natalie Fruman
Neil Young
New York Dolls
Nick Auf De Maur
Nick St. Nicholas
Norman Depoe
Patrick  McGoohan
Paul Drake
Paul Reynolds (Frankie) live in
Paul Schaffer
Paul Young
Penny Royce
Penti "Whitey" Glan
Peter Ackroyd
Peter Czowski
Peter Mahavolich
Peter O'Toole
Pierre Sarrazin
Queen Mother
Ramblin Jack Elliott
Randy Meisner (Eagles)
Ratch Wallace
Ric Evans
Richard Burton
Richard Flohil
Richard Hatfield
Rick Mccarthy
Robert Markle
Robbie Roxx
Rod Steward
Ron Berkeley
Ron Dann
Ronnie Hawkins
Ronnie Prophet
Ron Wood
Roseanne Cash
Roy Buchanan
Roy Forbes (Bim)
Roy Payne
Rummy Bishop
Russell DeCarle
Sadia Sadia
Sandy Engblom
Sandy Crawley
Stephen Williams
Steve Weston
Stomping Tom Conners
Susan Clark
Sydney Newman
Sylvia Tyson
Terry Russell
Terry Wilkins
The New York Dolls
Tim Contini
Tokyo Matsu
Tom Cochrane
Tom Hedley
Tom Hodgson
Tom Smothers
Tommy Corrigan
Tommy Hunter
Trish Cullen
Van Stoneman (Stoneman Family)
Wally Steffoff
Warren Zevon
Wendy Brown
Willie Dunn
Willie P Bennett
Wilt Chamberlain
Winston Reckhert
Ydessa Hendeles
Yvan Cournoyer
Zal Yanovsky
Ziggy Blazeje


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