Keenan Wynn

This is me with Keenan Wynn during the shooting of 'The Ballonist' a "Littlest Hobo" episode shot in my parents home in Uxbridge Ontario in the Summer of 1980. It was directed by Allen Eastman (Alien) and Keenan enjoyed tormenting him a bit. Keenan and I spent the breaks talking about movies like 'Dr. Strangelove' etc. it was a fun afternoon. Keenan had the shakes a bit and didn't want to sign autographs, he always had the continuity girl around to take poloroids and gave out pictures instead .Posted by Picasa

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    Scoot Irwin 'Hobo' is still on the air in Toronto, every morning, twice. Wonder if Terry Bush is making any dough from the theme song.
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    Gary LeDrew Probably not producer wasn't good at paying. My late sister Gaille LeDrew is still in most credits.
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    Scoot Irwin Recall that episode. Balloon breaks away with old man in it..crashes near a wooded area. Plane can't spot the rainbow colored thing from the air. Daughter is frantically trying to find him. London comes to the aid. Dog was great at tying knots, hooking up a trailer hitch, swimming in the Rouge River in Markham with a rifle in his mouth. Roll the credits. Dog gets on a train, ends up in Kitsilano. Terry sings 'There's a voice, that keeps on calling me, Down the road is where I want to be, Every stop I make, I make a new friend etc etc.
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    Gary LeDrew Chuck the wrangler keeps callING PICK IT UP BO PICK UP THE FUCKING WOOL BO! PICK IT UP PICIIITTT UUUPP FUCKING DOG!ETC ETC This was constant.he had 5 dogs with make up to do different things
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    Gary LeDrew They used my dad's workshop for Keenan to fix balloon part and Bo to bring him some wool for something Bo did not like taste of wool and it took forever to film with chuck yelling. My dad built a big tool shed with the rental money which we called the HOBO shack.
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